Commanders are a group of military leaders that lead armies to into battles, raids and scouting enemy bases. Players can not attack renegades nor players without having a commander in the army unless it only involves reinforcing bases or sending units to a friendly base.

Commanders are categorized by frequency and name types, for example an epic commander will have a orange outline with an aggressive name while common commanders have a light blue outline with hardly any aggressive names or call signs.

Leadership: Determines how many units the commander can use whilst still providing full combat bonuses. The higher the number, the more units can be commanded before losing damage and health bonuses.

Damage: Determines how much damage the commander can boost for the deployed Army, A High damage skill makes units deal more damage while a low damage skill does the complete Opposite.

Health: Determines How much Health the commander can boost for the deployed Army, A high Health skill makes the units harder to kill while a low health skill would provide little resistance in a fight.

List of CommandersEdit

There are at least over 40 commanders in war of nations. 

Some of these commanders may potentially be taken out by gree, more are added occasoinally as well.

Epic- Orange Hue, Very Aggressive names, Special Ops Clothin

Rare- Yellow Hue, Aggressive names, Formal and Military Clothing

Uncommon- Light Blue Hue, Generic Names, Formal and Military Clothing

Common- Blue hue, Generic and Childish names, Formal Clothing

Commander MergesEdit

To use commanders to their full potential you must merge them with other commanders and fill up their talent or Star Bar through absorbing weaker commanders or using items..

Merging a commander with one of the same name will increase the commanders maximum level.

Commanders have a predetermined max number of merges based on the rarity and the commander itself.

Merging commanders should be done when both of the commanders are level maxed.

While it is NOT necessary to fill both commanders star bars prior to merging,

ONLY inexperienced players usually merge Comms with unfilled star bars since the result is a permanently weaker commander than ones that were merged with full star bars. They are called Dirty Commanders. They will never reach maximum potential stats.

Commanders made with full star bars and fulll leveled are call Pure Commanders

Tip: Use more commanders than required to fill the star bar to increase the comms stats even further.