Outposts are undoubtably one of your most versatile and powerful options in this game. The ability to expand from your homebase is powerful, being able to increase your resource capacity, and rate. You can also put collectors on specified patches, such as Ironand Oil , along with the more rare Titanium  and Uranium . They support up to 6 tiles. If a block is covered with rocks it cannot support buildings. An outpost may be established anywhere on the map by either capturing a pre-existing outpost or

building a new outpost.

Building a new outpost will require one battle against a pre-determined amount of units based on how close to the center of the map the chosen location is.

The amount of cores required for each base can be found in Outpost Core Requirements

Read on to see examples of the power of Outposts.


This is an example of a level 34 Renegade Outpost. As you can see, these are as large as a normal Homebase!

Where to beginEdit

Establishing an Outpost is important to maintain both Resource and Military Superiority over other players.

1. Ability to spread out the entire map which sets up a defensive parameter near home base or to delay enemy forces.

2. Ability to increase resource Output meaning less time to prepare for further expansion.

3. Ability to mine rare patches, such as Uranium and Titanium. Note that acquiring these patches would make the player a Prime target amongst other players due to the Scarce amount of those resources.

Outposts are typically named in the military style; Outpost Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/Delta/Echo/Foxtrot/etc..

The list goes on. *People are welcome to add on to this.*

Outpost LayoutsEdit

Outposts are built in many different ways whether the outpost focuses heavily on resource output or to build and maintain Armies in case if one of their "Vital" outposts are under siege.

Keep in mind that most players will focus more on defense rather then resource output so having a decent or better army may be necessary to achieve victory.

Capture Edit

Capturing a pre-existing outpost requires several battles, each thirty minutes apart, to defeat units and reduce base moral to zero, thereafter you will gain control of the outpost. You may attempt to capture a player's outpost or a renegade (NPC) outpost. When capturing a player's outpost, it is up to the defending player to reinforce the base and stop the capture. When capturing a renegade outpost, the units housed there will be renewed before each battle forcing the player to reinforce the capture attempt.