World 21 , Ruled for a long time by the allegiance of DnR standing for Designatiors and Regulators . In the beginning both were strong groups but of recent times Designators has faultered and Regulators have maintinaed and dominated contiyallyy , winning the first ever Global alliance build , placing top ten in many globak war events and maintaining there grip on domestic competitions . The competion is in this world has lessened in recent times and the competion consists of players who deserve appluads for handing around . GFY have been long time rivals to both DnR while top fun have swritched allegiances when it best suits and thus gaining coms n boosts that many of there players would never have achieved without help.

At the current time world 21 is in decline a once fun vibrant world that held a no cap rule enforced by and agreed upon by all world leaders ( mostly DnR) .